Code ownership,

CODEOWNERS allows you to determine the true ownership of a file in your codebase and generate a CODEOWNERS file for your repository.

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CODEOWNERS helps your team move
faaaaa...(takes breath)..aaaasssttt.

Clear communication, accelerated.

Get to the answer faster by getting to the code owner faster. Clear understanding of code ownership assists better communication between teams.

Knowledge gaps, identified.

Having a complete understanding of your team’s code ownership ensures that team changes go as seamless as possible. Keep your code coverage updated as your org grows and changes over time.

Code reviews, automated.

The CODEOWNERS file is automatically detected by GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket—ensuring that the right pr assignment goes to the right person. Every. Change. Every. Time.

Workflow tools, connected.

Your CODEOWNERS file can cross-communicate with tools like DataDog and Sentry, allowing seamless notifications to the right individuals on your team.

Click & Install — Done.

Generate your CODEOWNERS file with a single click.

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In every merge, CODEOWNERS is looking out for new patterns in ownership and contributions. If it finds a difference, it will send a request to edit the Code Owner’s file automatically. Never lose track of your changes again — and never lose time trying to figure it out.

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What companies are saying about code ownership.

We found that high levels of ownership, specifically operationalized as high values of Ownership and Major, and low values of Minor, are associated with less defects.


One way that we staved off chaos without compromising engineers’ autonomy was implementing a codeowners system—this ensures that the right people get eyes on any given change, without imposing major changes to our review process.


This allows us to hold the entire team accountable for the code quality under their ownership, and avoids problems that arise when the ownership is centered on individuals.

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See all, both macro and micro.

CODEOWNERS provides statistical views of complete ownership, allowing holistic overviews and actions. Instead of spending time scanning every file manually, have it all done automatically and in less time.


Your new codebase
knowledge can zoom
fast with ownership.

your brain cells on CODEOWNERS

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Ready to get some ownership?

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