Get Started

Learn how to bootstrap and maintain a culture of code ownership in your organization. is a data-backed solution to your code ownership problems. We will analyze your contributions history and identify the ideal code owners for each file in your repository.

Our app will then generate a PR with a CODEOWNERS file that you can leverage to automate the assignment of tasks such as PR reviews, enable protected branches, Sentry issues assignment, and much more.

You can also consume our API to build and improve your existing workflows with up-to-date code ownership data.

GitHub App

Our GitHub app is your first step towards clear, concise, and comprehensive data-backed code ownership.

Once installed our GitHub app will analyze your contribution history over the last year and generate an accurate CODEOWNERS file.

Over time we will continue to re-calculate and update your CODEOWNERS file as you and your team contribute to your repository.

Leveraging our commands via PR comments you can customize your CODEOWNERS file to fit your needs.


Our API allows you to consume your up-to-date code ownership data to build your own tools without having to parse a complicated CODEOWNERS file.

Our API draws from the same data source as your CODEOWNERS file and takes into account any changes that you have made by changing your CODEOWNERS file or by using our /co PR comment commands.

Backstage Plugin

We've built a Backstage plugin to surface codeowners information right in Backstage. Learn more here.